Black Friday Bingo Special

Black Friday at CyberBingo is the perfect time to uncover more great bingo deals as CyberBingo brings you fabulous cash prizes to be won every game playing its Black Friday Special.

black-friday-special-400x250You’ll discover incredible bingo fun in the CyberBingo Autumn Bingo room from 8:pm ET on Friday November 25th as CyberBingo plays an exciting selection of its players’ favorite bingo games.

With fantastic cash prizes of up to $7,500 to be won and fabulously low card costs of just $0.75 every game, there’s no better bingo deals to be found on Black Friday.

  • $150 Black Friday Reverse Coverall Min $500 games
  • $7,500 Black Friday Coverall minimum $75 games
  • $50 Starting Black Friday Games
  • Black Friday $250 Guaranteed games

CyberBingo’s fun filled Black Friday special games will play in rotation from 8pm ET  in the Autumn Bingo room and guarantee the best bingo deals on Black Friday with an unmissable Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all cards.


Columbus Day Treasure

Columbus Day on Monday October 10th is a national holiday in many countries in the Americas and also within other countries that officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the American Continent in 1492. The landing is celebrated as “Columbus Day” in the United States.

columbus-day-treasure-400x250-eurSet sail on a journey of bingo discovery at CyberBingo on Columbus Day and search out $3,000 in fabulous cash treasures playing for incredible guaranteed cash prizes in CyberBingo’s Columbus Day £1,800 Guaranteed Treasure event.

The Columbus Day bingo fun can be found in the CyberBingo USA Bingo room from 9pm EDT on Monday October 10th as CyberBingo players play for a guaranteed $3,000 in cash prizes. The Columbus Day $3,000 Guaranteed Treasure games will play as Top of the Hour games with each game playing for a guaranteed cash prize of $1,000. That’s three great chances to win a share of $3,000 of Columbus Day treasure.

Get more chances to win on Columbus Day at CyberBingo with an unmissable Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all bingo cards. That’s 5 cards for the price of 3!

Teddy Bear Bingo

Teddy Bear Day is celebrated by Teddy Bear lovers across the world on Friday September 9th, a day to celebrate the cute stuffed bear in your life. Some people like to take their bear out on a trip or organize a special Teddy Bear picnic. At CyberBingo they love to play bingo and there’s no better way to celebrate Teddy Bear Day than by playing for fantastic cash prizes in CyberBingo’s fun filled Teddy Bear Day Bingo games.

teddy-bear-day-fbThe Teddy Bear Day Bingo tourney will take place all day long in the Autumn Bingo room on Friday September 9th. Each hour throughout the day, CyberBingo will play one of its special Teddy Bear Day Bingo games, the more of these special games that you win, the bigger the prize. There are prizes for the top 5 players who win the most games and the Teddy Bear Day Bingo tourney winner will receive a fantastic $150 cash prize.


All winners will also receive a fabulous cuddly Teddy Bear to celebrate national Teddy bear Day!

Big Bingo Time

Everyone loves to win big and at CyberBingo you could be walking away with an incredible $10,000 guarantee cash prize in its biggest bingo event of the month of Saturday August 27th, the $13,000 Guaranteed Event!

54852_thumb_13k-event-august-reminder-fbThe Big Bingo Fun starts at 8:00PM EDT in the CyberBingo Tourney room on Saturday, August 27 EDT and to start the big bingo fun there are three (3) Top of the Hour $1,000 guaranteed games to be won. Each game plays for a guaranteed cash prize of $1,000 with a card cost of $2.00 a card.

At 11:00PM EDT it’s time to discover the next big winner at CyberBingo, playing the incredible $10,000 Guaranteed game. This is the biggest game of the month and with a guaranteed cash prize of $10,000 to be won, your summer dreams really could come true. Cards for the $10,000 Guaranteed game are only $5.00 a card and could see you become our next big winner!

Why not pre order your cards for the $13,000 Guaranteed Event in advance for your chance to become CyberBingo’s next big winner in August!

Happy Birthday CyberBingo!

The Birthday celebrations are in full swing at CyberBingo in August as it celebrates its 20th Birthday. That’s 20 years of bingo at its very best. A belief in fair, fun and exciting games along with innovative features that you won’t find anywhere else, is what makes CyberBingo stand out from a crowd. With a focus on player satisfaction, CyberBingo leads the way in online bingo fun and excitement.

54503_thumb_bingo-celebration-400x250To celebrate CyberBingo’s 20th birthday, there’s an incredible $200,000 in cash prizes that must be won throughout August. With exciting bingo games and promotions to play and incredible cash prizes to be won, the Birthday celebrations will last all month long and this has to be the biggest ever bingo birthday party!

Make sure to check out CyberBingo promotions page in August for your chance to join in the 20th birthday celebrations and claim your share of an incredible $200,000 in fabulous cash prizes that must be won at Cyberbingo!

Birthday Promotions!

CyberBingo Summer Fun Bingo Sale

Bingo Sale – Buy 8 get 4 free

Add more Summer Bingo fun to your day at CyberBingo with our Summer Fun Bingo Sale on Friday July 22nd. With fantastic cash prizes to be won and an amazing Buy 8 Get 4 Free offer on all cards. This has to be the biggest bingo sale of the Summer!

summer-fun-bingo-sale-250x250-CBThe incredible CyberBingo Summer Fun Bingo Sale takes place in the CyberBingo Summer Bingo room from 9:00PM EDT till 10:00PM EDT and there’s $1,000’s in cash prizes to be won with every game playing for just $0.25 a card!

  • $150 Guaranteed pots at only $0.25 a card
  • $25 Starting games at only $0.25 a card
  • $2,500 Coverall Min $25 at only $0.25 a card

Buy 8 get 4 free!! Don’t forget to claim your free cards – For every 12 cards that you select, you’ll only be charged for 8 in the CyberBingo Summer Fun Bingo Sale.

Canada Day Coverall Madness

Canada day is often referred to as “Canada’s birthday” and symbolizes the joining of the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a federation of four provinces on July 1st 1867. On that date, Canada became a kingdom in its own right and continued to regain more and more control of the country until the Constitution Act patriated the Canadian constitution in 1982. To celebrate this great day in Canada’s history, July 1st has been seen as a federal holiday and the perfect day for Canadians to celebrate all that great about their wonderful country.

aff-canada-day-coverall-700x700Join in the Canada Day Celebrations at CyberBingo on Friday July 1st as they play for up to $9,000 in cash prizes in the Canada Day Coverall Madness games. The Coverall Bingo Madness starts at 8pm EDT in CyberBingo’s Summer Bingo room as they play three Top of the Hour $3,000 Coverall Minimum $300 games.  Each one of these great games starts with a fabulous $3,000 to be won, that’s an incredible $9,000 in cash up for grabs. Whatever way you celebrate Canada Day, a picnic, fireworks or just a great party, make sure to find time for some Canada Day Coverall Madness at CyberBingo.

Father’s Day Celebrations

Sunday July 19th is Father’s Day, a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Father’s Day has been celebrated since the early 20th century and in many ways was introduced to compliment Mother’s Day.  Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June although in some countries they do celebrate it on other days within the year.  People choose many ways to celebrate, from a simple card or phone call to family gathering to celebrate the Day.

52836_thumb_fathers-day-700x700-fbNo matter how you celebrate Father’s Day, make sure to add some incredible bingo fun and excitement at CyberBingo playing for up to $12,000 in CyberBingo’s Father’s Day $12,000 Coveralls event. Playing the CyberBingo USA Bingo room from 7pm EDT on Sunday June 19th there are three fabulous top of the hour $4,000 Coverall minimum $400 games to be won. With a Father’s Day special Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards, that’s more chances to be a winner on Father’s Day at CyberBingo!

Delicious Candy Bingo Fun

We all love the sweet tasty of our favorite Candy and the history of making and eating candy dates back to ancient times when people would eat honey direct from the wild bee hives. This newly discovered sweet tasting honey must have been a real break from an otherwise bland tasting diet and in turn led to the first candy style food being created from fruits and nuts rolled in honey. Candy truly became more like what we see today in the 16th century but the prohibitive cost of sugar made candy a limited delicacy of the rich. The price of manufacturing sugar was much lower by the seventeenth century when hard candy became popular and this led to the modern day candy that we all love.


Join in the Bingo fun this month at CyberBingo and you can get tasty candy bingo treats every day in its Candy Bingo Tourney. Playing between June 6th and July 3rd in CyberBingo’s Spring bingo room, there’s a fabulous $3,000 in prizes to be won. Every hour of each day during the CyberBingo Candy Bingo Tourney, they will play one of the special tourney games. The more of these special games that you win, the higher you will climb up the leader board and a tasty first prize of $1,000 cash!

Add some tasty Candy bingo fun and excitement to your day at CyberBingo!

Is Online Bingo Better Than the Traditional Game?

Playing Bingo on the Internet

For decades, playing the classic version of bingo has been just about the most popular pastime across the world. It’s great for meeting up with your friends as well as getting to know new people in a enjoyable environment. That’s why the fact that there are a lot more than 60 million fanatics everywhere in the world is not surprising.

bingo online

The most common bingo player is a woman, between the ages of 30 and 60 and is from The USA. Big bingo lovers stay with their routines, participating in the activity only on certain nights every week. Playing bingo becomes a huge part of their life. If a frequent player is absent, others will notice as friendships are formed quickly while playing the game. Having a lucky seat is typical. There are a few problems with traditional bingo halls though. Sometimes it’s not easy to manage multiple cards, but it can be hard to get to the bingo halls too, and some people just can not spare the time, for example stay at home moms.

But hold on, there has been a progress in the bingo generation. There’s a new type of bingo now. It is called online bingo! One might wonder, how could swapping a traditional bingo hall where you can play alongside family and friends be as gratifying as participating in online bingo? Why would anyone change their lifestyle? The answer is, online bingo has lots of advantages. A recent study by a well known online bingo website points out the # 1 reason for taking part in bingo on the web is the possibility of meeting new people.

Playing online bingo tears down borders and enables you to play online bingo live with other players around the globe. Yep, you heard me right, online bingo is a multi-player game with participants from around the globe.

Each site has Multi Chat that is accompanied by a Chat Host also referred to as a CM. Creating the atmosphere of a traditional bingo hall is the job of the Chat Host who also assists with any problems that may arise. Meeting new people and chatting with them real-time has been made super easy by Multi Chat, which also lets you share the fun if you have only one number to go or “1TG” in bingo language. If you always wished to socialize more with your buddies, well there you go, lots of new friends at the press of a button. Hours of chatting, hours of fun!

There are many advantages to playing internet bingo. Suppose you live too far from your local bingo hall? What if there is a storm outside? Or maybe you’re too lazy to get dressed and drive to the bingo hall? What if you’re impaired and think it’s challenging to move around? What if you’re simply too worn out from the days work? Answer to all of your doubts is internet bingo. Just go and take a seat behind the computer, visit your favourite online bingo portal, click and you’re all set to play.

Thanks to advanced technology you can play as many cards as you want. Your odds of winning are increased with more cards, so the ability to play more cards is important.  There’s no need to worry about missing a couple of calls or completing your cards because they get filled out by the system and when you hold a lucky card, your balance gets credited automatically too.

All in all, online bingo industries did an admirable job on giving the online players a bingo hall atmosphere. The best part of it all, you can access online sites twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week without leaving your house. Although both offline and online bingo have their own advantages, they could never replace the traditional bingo hall.

So if you’re feeling tired of your everyday life, get in front of the screen and give yourself a chance to win awesome prizes. You never know, maybe you’ll even win the jackpot!

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